Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Center Street, Key West

Center Street is two blocks long, an oasis between Duval Street and Simonton Street, off Petronia.

It's best known for a rather attractive church in the middle of the bucolic length of the 800 block.

However loitering at the church's thrift store is not encouraged. I loitered momentarily with Cheyenne admiring this piece of work. I get puzzled by the practicality of saddlebags combined with straight pipes that make your head ring after fifteen minutes. The ensemble looks good though.

The church though is something else.

Less visible than the proud white church on Duval Street dedicated to St Paul, it is good looking in a traditional low key way.

Always that issue of loitering. We hung out for just a brief look, though I have been inside previously and it is just as traditional and pretty inside.

Check out an old essay of mine on the subject:
Conchscooter's Churches I wish it were still open.

The rest of this block isn't at all ugly.

And some enterprising visitors like to visit.

I've got to remember to come back to photograph the 900 block.

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sandra said...

One of my favorite KW streets - I visit the thrift shop and peek in the church every time I'm down.