Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Scenic Appreciation

It was a fabulous morning yesterday as I drove Cheyenne into town. The stillness of the water, the difficulty of identifying the horizon, it's how you know it was a gorgeous windless summer day.

I was able to snap the picture with some ease as we were traveling in a funeral cort├Ęge along Highway One. The speed limit may have been 55 but we were having trouble holding 45, and the reason was the red truck at the head of a very long line of anxious commuters. The Pennsylvania tagged truck was beyond my over-taking ability as there was too much traffic headed our way. Besides I wasn't driving to work and I was in my car not riding the Bonneville.

The truck driven by a shirtless man reveled in driving ten miles an hour below the limit though the bumper stickers told another story. Self hatred? You'd think so considering the other sticker read "Yes, I'm a bitch. So fucking what?" which explains why s/he never did find the heart to pull over a to let the worker bees get to their destinations.

It went on like this from Summerland Key (MM25) to Key Plaza (MM3) where the truck went to a construction site, begging the question why s/he hadn't updated to a Florida tag...some laws are just meant to be broken. Not in this instance speed limits, ironically enough. I tucked in behind to see how slow s/he could go and I clocked 22 on North Roosevelt's 35 in rush hour! Fucking bitch indeed!

I respect people's right to drive fast, I pull over when people come up behind me but I am alone in doing that. I drive for myself and what others want to do is their business. Tickets for all! But on then other hand these islands are connected by one road only and everyone has to use it. Worker bees, idle snowbirds, visitors struck senseless by the beauty, speeders, loafers and capable drivers and drunk drivers and incapable drivers too, even when sober. We can't take the freeway when we wake up late, or the scenic route as an alternative to the regular commute. We all have to mix it up on the Overseas Highway, which makes me even happier I work nights!

Then I saw a woman commuting on Flagler Avenue on a scooter and she put the fucking bitch to shame. Flowing smoothly with traffic, blocking no one with her 50cc buzz bomb, reminding us that indeed mean people suck.

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Chuck and the Pheebs said...

I'm curious - how, exactly did you feel about the lady in the red truck?

Drivers as these are referred to as:

Grade A members of the Anti-Destination league.
They don't anybody getting anywhere anytime soon.