Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Keys Pix XIII

Columbus Day is a Federal holiday, keeping banks and government offices closed. Which was enough to keep the old city hall parking lot empty.

Plastic flamingos? This may not be Florida after all.

A walk with Cheyenne is a slow and measured affair. When we first got her she used to break out into a trot as though that was what was expected of her by her former owners. Then she got too old and they dumped her at the pound, God rot them. Now she gets to take her time, every rock, every blade of grass.

I get to take pictures as she ambles and when I look at the picture I wonder if the old Fire Station sign will be kept for the new station that should be built here before too many centuries pass.

Mayor Cates won re-election and his big project is to get city hall built at Glynn Archer school on White Street. That being the case a new fire station and parking lot should end up here. The Madeline Bean Building is gone and all bits were removed, replaced by gravel. It will all be grist for the mill of Mayor Cates improvements.

You'd think there are enough public trash cans to help even drinkers of nasty cheap beer to dispose of their empties. Recycling cans are yet to appear on the street but you've always got a handy bush to stick the can into.

I was trailing Cheyenne looking for a picture of painted leaves and real leaf shadows...

...and then it ended up being yellow dog and yellow wall, at Spanish Gardens Hotel, home of the rather nifty help-yourself wine bar.

I have no idea what this plaque means, if anything. If I did it wouldn't be nearly as interesting.

Cheyenne didn't spend much time watching this little dog get speed walked to safety out of reach of her dangerous fangs.

Unknown flower- again!

I expressed surprise at the extensive equipment hauled by this party of determined hikers. I tried to point out the land ran out a short way west of here, but they looked down at me and my Crocs pointing it's as well to be ready for any emergency. I wondered what there was downtown that I hadn't been told about.

Has Mayor Cates ordered the closure of every single convenience store currently located no more than hundred years apart..? Probably not. I pressed on waterless, armed only with a plastic bag and a leash.

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David B. said...

Your unknown flower du jour is a gardenia. The recent rain will be bringing them out in force. The ones that grow down here bear smaller flowers than others you might have encountered in California or North Carolina, but they have the same dazzling fragrance.