Tuesday, October 11, 2011


After the storms blew away we were left with crips sunshine and washed clean by the apparently endless rain.

The world looked freshly laundered just for us in the Keys.

I heard a rumor of several inches of snow in Denver, and no doubt in Montana, but this is the Big Sky country I enjoy.

My wife and I rode the Bonneville to Key West Sunday afternoon to take advantage of mild sunny weather. It was a fine ride with a return trip under an almost full moon. All in shirtsleeves it was so warm. And to the guy on the sharp looking white Zuma let me just say hullo, properly. We passed on Palm Avenue driven by the traffic flow.

Blue white and green are the colors of Keys landscapes.

And all those mangrove islands set among the flat reef -protected waters.

The view doesn't vary so much, but its always good.

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Anonymous said...

It snowed in the mountains on the Montana side of Yellowstone Park last weekend.

The Bozeman Chronicle reports that we may have as bad of winter (one of the snowiest on record)as last year due to La Nina.

In 19 days I'll be flying into the nice warmth of KW. It's always so refreshing to step out of the airplane into the humidity of KW after leaving the cold arrid weather of Montana. Makes me wonder why I ever go home.

Bob from Livingston Montana