Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cheyenne's Outdoors

We walked for a while in bright sunshine and a breeze and when she seemed tired we repaired to the shade of a tree.

Fantasy Fest is always a hard week what with the sudden influx of crowds, big city traffic jams on the highway and drivers who have no clue where they re going or why. I always enjoy lying under a tree looking at the sky, but never more so than the
last week in October.

The pleasure of greenery overhead is so restful it will knock out a dog that has been running chasing her own tail.

I laid myself down next to her and looked up at the sky. It's been a nard week for me too, even though I don't work in the bars and guest houses.

Listening to Cheyenne snore is almost as peaceful as watching the wavelets break on shore, calm and regular.

By afternoon the rain was back in Seattle South under dark angry clouds.

I know snow is falling Up North and that must be horrible but what else does one expect at this time of year?

In the Keys it's supposed to be cool and dry with cold fronts coming and going not hanging around like guests outstaying their welcome.

We lounged around for a while Cheyenne and I, she snoring, me reading, until some visitor from Pennsylvania arrived with two cheerful dogs which he started shouting at, thus sounding like a sergeant major at a hippie gathering.

That's what I mean. These people bring money and too much stress with them. Bring the cash, spend lavishly and leave the stress at home. We left.

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