Sunday, October 30, 2011

Crane Boulevard

Crane Boulevard on Sugarloaf Key is gated beyond the residential area and a sign says it's part of the National Key Deer Refuge even though as far as I know the are no actual deer, yet on this island. There'd are people with guns though, as the refuge sign testifies:

Cheyenne got into some heavy sniffing near the gate and my projected walk up the closed portion of the paved road was put on hold.

It isn't as interesting as it might sound, Crane Boulevard. There was a plan a few years ago to tear it up and let it revert to nature, a plan that met massive resistance from residents and users. Such was the protest by walkers and cyclists that all such plans were dropped.

I have cycled to the end of the road but honestly it isn't that much fun. It's just mangroves and there is nothing much to see and there is no shade. Yet people love love to cycle it.

I have other trails I prefer, with growth and shade and a
little intrigue. Besides there are just too many bullet holes here.

Cheyenne finished sniffing and stood staring at the car. I got the hint and we left.

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