Sunday, October 30, 2011

Patricia Street

My wife would love those purple shutters.

This picture lends the lie to the stereotype of the dog and the hydrant. Cheyenne, the white blob, strolled straight on by without a second glance.

One day my mailbox will be lush with bushes all round. Till then I have to admire those belonging to others.

I think aliens are coming and they've marked their landing spots with green circles.

I am not that fussed about hurricane fencing but my wife doesn't like it. I had thought we might need some when we got Cheyenne to keep her off the street, but she doesn't start out of the yard, this amazing dog, so the issue never came up. Mind you the fencing isn't really that pretty so I might be forced to concede the point to my wife...

Here's more of that ivy stuff that apparently grows straight up walls.

And a mysterious could of chain round a power pole's base. It had a padlock but no apparent purpose.

A few trees make the relatively modern bungalows of New town look quite mysterious.

I keep seeing gray clouds overhead.

This permanent rainy season must be over soon surely?

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1 comment:

Garythetourist said...

Hi Michael, I love the rain cloud shot.
I was just looking at a post from June 10th 2009 where you posted a photo of a dog on the street. This was obviously before you got Cheyenne but it struck mee how much that dog resembles Cheyenne.