Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Good Time In Key West

"It was less raunchy than I expected," said a disappointed Chuck. And perhaps the male nudity was lacking, though I wasn't paying attention.

Fleming Street was packed. We arrived at close to six o'clock at the Grinnell Street intersection and they were in full flow.

We aren't that organized when we line up to view but the spot was quite good, we decided.

Betsy was playing a recently infamous rôle:

We were looking at this lot trying to decide what they were. Mosquitoes? Genetically mutated ibis? Cathy finally settled on whitefly, an infestation of which has plagued certain plants this year.

This was obviously a jellyfish and quite spectacularly elaborate it was too.

Illegal alien? Harty har har. He should have been carrying a short handled hoe.

But the cop arresting him was up to snuff.

Another goldfish it seems.

A scooter can make a decent viewing platform.

No matter how grotesque the costume it's all business as usual when you meet an acquaintance in the street.

This spot was well outside the recycling zone. Lots of yummy Yuengling cans.

"We need appetizers," my wife said, rather imperiously. "Azur," I said in a moment of inspired brilliance. Cathy the show woman said she was inspired by all the costumes and is now contemplating her outfit for parade viewing from a friend's balcony. She wanted her picture in my blog, so here she is waiting for appetizers.
We had mussels and clams, chorizo cakes and gnocchi and lavender crême brûlée, a walnut chocolate cake and Azur's delicious sweet coffee. It was dark and raining the time we dragged ourselves from the table.

It was a long dark wet ride home last night with an exceedingly long line of cars trailing into Key West for some Aquatic Afrolics in town tonight. It should be quite aquatic as heavy rain is forecast. I'm glad I'll be at work!

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