Thursday, October 13, 2011

Eliza Street

Setting sun, parked Bonneville, Conchscooter must be on the prowl for pictures.

And this is typical turf for the pocket Canon SX100.

Conch cottages, palms and side walk free city streets.

Ooh! My almost-favorite Vespa! Bonus! It's one of the awesomely slow PX 150cc revived classics. It's cute, it's a two stroke and it has a spare wheel and a kick start in addition to an electric boot. But it will barely wheeze up to 53mph, far far less if you face a headwind.

How do I know? I had the Indian built model until that blew up after 2800 punishing miles. Cute but useless.

Back to happier themes, Conch cottages and palms.

Lots of them.

Eliza dead ends into the House of Brats school, but it's a lovely ride all the way.

I mean, really there are just too many of these things.

And here's one more.

And this lovely old rusty roof from another era.

Too bad I had to get to work.

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