Thursday, October 13, 2011

Key West Pix XIV

I was looking at dust catchers in the window of one of those super expensive stores on Upper Duval when a strange smell assailed me. I felt like I had walked into the middle of a giant sandwich.

Some person or persons unknown had been engaged in a mustard fight the night before and had managed to spray the block with gobs of yellow stuff everywhere.

These are the joys of doing business on a street dedicated to the pursuit of alcohol. Inside the window a four hundred dollar glass apple: outside the window great yellow gobs of dried condiment. Staying in business must be a challenge, but I have to note my dog loved it. I was forced to spend altogether too long contemplating dried mustard, to keep her happy.

Must be another kind of dog behind the gate shown above. It is certainly a different kind of cock shown below, different from the roosters normally seen pecking the streets of Key West.

I wondered what the head could see in the white container. Our futures perhaps? Greek default? Hell, anyone can see that.

In case you were driving distracted and missed it the sign below, on Eaton Street, was as tall as I. It was a life sized man "having difficulty with his umbrella."

I previously noted Bogart's has gone the way of all flesh, as it were, and in it's place an equally Irish named establishment has risen. I was never a patron of the former and probably won't be of the latter but the building is worth looking at, built of local rock.

The deli on the corner of Duval and Olivia, a spot that hasn't seen much commercial stability of late has been closed. It is supposed to be open this month.

Key West seems to need all the convenience stores it can get. It's amazing how many there are in this small town. Mustard and alcohol on every street corner!

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