Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pre Fantasy Fest

I look to the end of this month with trepidation, thanks to the gradual gearing up of all things Fantasy Fest. It is inevitable as this is the largest party of the year in a town that prides itself on that reputation. I am woking my regular shift dispatching this year which is fine by me. I will be off during the local's parade on Friday evening which is also fine by me as that I like to see.

Saturday night will involve a lot of floats driving down Duval and the first half will be local floats with local themes while the second half has been taken over by professional floats from out of town which bring nothing of value to the parade. The last time I watched I was sorry I was on the west side of Duval and couldn't escape the claustrophobic parade before the endless lines of Tampa Bay "krewes of boredom." they toss beads like it's a chore. Bizarre people invading our town.

At the moment there is no sign of impending crowds and tasteless nudity and adult silliness. Things are normal at the moment. Pretty dull it is too. The new wine shop on Upper Duval wasn't even serving at breakfast time...!

Can you imagine how many towels they have to sell to may the rent and utilities for this space?

Rent a scooter for a fast getaway? Better not the crowds are tremendous and the drinking zone extends to Simonton Street. Tucks town is busyfor Fantasy Fest.

Upper Duval is getting quite a lot of attention these days as stores move in and they attract tourists other than cruise ship visitors.

Key Lime Pie may not be a big deal on the Fantasy Fest menu but drinks and naked boys might well be. So if that's your poison do you go to the Key Lime store or the 801 Bar?

My dog will be nowhere near Duval when adults are parading their fishnet stockings on the street. She will be home with a good book and a rawhide while Daddy is at work helping keep the city safe.

I am not completely sure the old time families in Key West are that excited about the Fantasy Fest but let's not forget this whole daft week of parties and costumes and parades and themes is about money. Money for charity-AIDS Help principally- and businesses that need to get through the slowest time of the year.

They want you in town to buy a costume, rent a room, shop for dust catchers...

...and enjoy the fun. 800 block of Duval? Fantasy Fest's only competition around here is the year end party.

Overboard they say? Maybe but it's all good natured fun, for mostly older partiers. Key West's demographic is aging as it has to in one of Florida's most expensive towns.

They are all getting ready for the flood, even the misspelled ones.

Come to Key West get naked (painted breasts and covered genitalia and butt cracks please. Ugh!) and ship home some toys.

I was admiring a chopper placed, like a dust catcher in a shop window when my view was interrupted.

I wonder if she was pondering Fantasy Fest as I was.

Fantasy Fest Website

If you don't believe me when I say it's about money check the website. Aquatic Afrolic? Really? Are they running out of names?

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Chuck and the Pheebs said...

The Pheebs has been out every night to one fundraiser or the other. She was at La Te Da last night for the Black and White; tonight she's at Island House, for it's the only day of the year women are allowed in.

She's really enjoyed the pre-Fest activities, and she's totally geeked about the upcoming Zombie Ride - a bike ride in zombie-themed outfits commencing from Re-Cycle (temporarily named ZOMBIE) to Fogarty's.

Supposedly she has amassed quite the collection of body parts...

Anonymous said...

After Fantasy Fest comes the parrotheads! 3500 of us this year. Not like the huge crowds of FF but last year we raised over $50,000 for KW charities. Can't wait to try out the new Smokin Tuna bar and see all of my friends from across the country!

Bob from Livingston Montana