Thursday, October 13, 2011

Old Town Bakery Breakfast

This building has been transformed over the years. It was Colez Peace years ago, a popular bakery named for Cole, the owner's son. It was with some public surprise that the news was received that the bakery was sold. The new owners soldiered on and gave up. The bakery went to the Restaurant Store further up Eaton Street and an art gallery ironically named Poisontook it's place.

Poison gave way to the staff of life once again, except that this bakery doesn't do much in the way of actual bread. I stopped by on a whim and they managed to rustle up a fresh baguette for me, which was very good when my wife and I wolfed it at home later. However they do sell lots of pretty pastries.

I saw a piece of cheese that would go well with the baguette while I waited in line and my weak and feeble will was overpowered by the prospect of fresh coffee and pastry. It had to be done.

It was not bitter, the coffee, and the pastry was sweet and the whim was entirely successful.

An anxious Cheyenne and I hurried across the street to the open air table at Paseo, the sandwich shop I recently enjoyed but that is closed Mondays and Tuesdays...lucky for me on Monday.

I spent ten years in an English boarding school, an upbringing that makes one powerless to resist anything that involves, for instance, custard, sugar or a thing labeled "sticky bun." it was flaky pastry sticky in places with crusty toffee dried on the outside. It went well with coffee while baguette ends went well with Labrador:

Three tour trains and trolleys rolled down Margaret Street and they all pointed out this house as the residence of the Cuban Minister at the time of the Spanish American War, or something like that.

I heard the story three times in three minutes. The pity of it was there were only four tourists trapped in all the vehicles passing, forced to hear the endless talk. And there was me and my sticky bun. Breakfast in Key West is as you make it.

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Chuck and the Pheebs said...

You left out the interim occupant of the building - a former grocery store...Eat 'N Grinn, which moved after a year to the corner of Simonton and Truman, only to pass into oblivion line the greasy spoon before it.

The Bakery is home to the former pastry chef of Casa Marina. Since just about everything they bake has loads of butter and the Pheebs cannot tolerate any, we give it a wide berth. that - and nasty rumours were spread around the time they opened re: ingredients used at Colez; if you can't stand on your own two feet without tearing down the competition, then you don't deserve to stand.

Colez Peace still has the best bread on the island; the majority of Cuban bread is baked by Kathy and her crew at Colez. A delight for us not needing sugar or butter, their sandwiches are top shelf, too.