Thursday, October 13, 2011

Not Montana

Had you been in Key West yesterday, as was I, riding into town a little early for my shift, this is what you might have seen.

It was another boring afternoon of sunshine, flat seas as far as the eye could see from South Roosevelt Boulevard.

I looked real hard but I couldn't spot a snowflake anywhere.

The weather people have issued a formal warning that owing to the phenomenon known as La NiƱa much of temperate North America and Europe is facing a harsher than usual winter.

It must suck to be them. Last winter we had our own cold snap when temperatures plummeted to the low 50s and stayed there for three weeks. We saw the second coldest temperature ever recorded at 42 degrees and everyone I knew came down with 'flu like symptoms walking around in grubby winter clothes they could not remove to launder for fear of getting frost bite. I am among the lucky few with Heat available in my home.

It was pretty harsh and not an experience I want to repeat this winter. However winter time kicks in November 6th in the US this year and that adds to the winter nasties as the sun vanishes an hour early. Around here that means a modest twelve hour day as sunset will move to around 6:30 post meridian.

It could be worse, we could be in Fairbanks or somewhere on the shores of a frozen Great Lake. Perhaps this was hell, where this super fit cyclist was sucking down water like he was stuck in an oven.

I would not do at all well in a butch place like Montana. Frozen Crocs are my exact vision of eternity in Hell.

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Anonymous said...

Yep it's not Montana. But I will be in KW on Nov.6th to usher in your winter, but will have to return to the snow, wind, icy roads of Montana on Nov. 8th. You are right, they predict another awful winter. We had an awful Summer too. It snowed every month except for July and August. Counting down the days until I leave for your tropical paradise.

Bob from Livingston Montana

RichardM said...

I was just at Toolik Field Camp located north of the Brooks Range and I think the entire staff wore Crocs. There was plenty of snow on the ground and the lake was frozen but not solid enough to walk on. Some of the Crocs don't have the little holes so the snow doesn't work it's way in and for winter, they have nice, warm insulated Crocs.

Conchscooter said...

Insulated Crocs do exist; I have seen them. They are an abomination. There again, snow is an abomination so it cancels out I guess. If I am ever seen on the edge of a lake solid enough to walk on I hope a bison hunter nearby will end my misery.