Thursday, October 20, 2011

Storm Birds

Many years ago I was walking a beach near Fort Myers when a woman came striding up to me and started yelling at me that I was disturbing the sand pipers. "The storm was bad enough!" she yelled,"let then rest!" Okay I thought, point taken and I backed up the beach so as not to disturb the little birds.

There are people in the world who identify with and love birds and there are the rest of us who are glad they are there but would no sooner identify with them than we would with the Loch Ness Monster.

I watch the birds, they are everywhere, but I observe from a distance.

They have a particular dignity.

And as we go about our lives at sea level, they go about theirs up above.

And from time to time I spot things other than birds.

I have watched the first season of AMC's The Walking Dead . Then Fred gave me the first comic compendium the TV series is based on. The TV show takes gore to a new and repugnant level but it is compelling.

The comic books are much more absorbing. I read them at night during slow times at work. People in Key West tend not to go out and fight much at night when it's pouring rain, so I sat at my bank of computers and freaked myself out. These birds reminded me of the zombies of The Walking Dead.

Then I saw a cormorant being a cormorant.

And all was well.

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