Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sublime And Mundane

The mythical Overseas Highway, seen from a certain angle looks pretty mundane to me.

Cheyenne racing a cormorant looked funny. Except she wasn't.

The dock jutting out into the view looked good.

Don't ask as far as I know it's just one more sublime creation of Nature:

The bridge ran out but the powers that be don't want us leaning out over the void.

In the mundane world it is obvious there has been wind here.

Out there the wind has gone and taken the horizon with it.

But lo what light through yonder cloud breaks?

Bloody hell! It's Apollo!

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David B. said...

I cheated and got help from Dave's Garden to identify this one. It's Melanthera nivea, common name Snow Squarestem. From the listing:

Very fast & vigorus growing "weed" that attracts butterflies. It's square stalk branches have a tendency to droop with the weight of the large water laden leaves. Flowers to about 1" diameter white/off white with black specks. In Florida it's called "Salt & Pepper".
The plant is a Florida native.

Conchscooter said...

Good job. I wish I could remember salt and pepper.