Thursday, October 20, 2011

Southernmost All Hallow's Eve

It can take you by surprise how connected the Florida Keys are to the rest of the US. Much is made of the fact that Havana is
closer to Key West than Key West is to Miami.

But in terms of cultural affiliation there is no doubt which side of the divide, the Straits of Florida, these islands find themselves.

There are some differences though between mainland Florida, land of bizarre superstition and the Keys, home to a deep seated desire to celebrate every and any festival of any or no culture at all.

In Lee County schools the cult of Halloween was forbidden as the parents of the little dears thought it was a representation of Satanism. I kid you not. The pumpkin as evil incarnate. Such stupidity is rampant in the 21st century and it seems to be getting worse.

It's not that I am a fan of getting dressed up in costumes while parading around pretending to be who I am not. But let the little buggers and those adults who enjoy such things do it in peace I say. Whatever else Halloween is, it's not evil, unless by evil you define the subversion of every human emotion to corporate greed. That by my book is closer to the mark for I am sick of every holiday becoming just one more excuse to sell us crap we neither need nor want were it not for advertising.

You remember all those urban myths about razor blades in candy bars? Yup, still rampant. So now kids can't even run loose one night of the year to have fun. I wonder what they would say in Havana if they knew Americans, just 90 miles away, believe their neighborhoods are filled with adults hell bent on hurting innocent children.

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